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Bannister ZCBJ Czecho-Slovakian Dance Group

In the mid-1920s a folk dance group was formed. Under the direction of Anna Skaryd, they danced the Ceska Beseda to music provided by the Polvony Band. This group was active until 1950s a number of lodge members joined the Czecho-Slovak Dancers of Owosso, MI, which was directed by Stefanie Cech. In 1976 a dance group in Bannister was reborn. Under the direction of Diane Bradley, the group has performed at many events across Michigan, as well as in Nebraska and Iowa. A summer of practices leads to their performance at the annual Bannister Czecho-Slovakian Harvest Festival. This is not only a way to preserve parts of our heritage but also to have fun and enjoy the fellowship of others. The primary purpose of this dance group is to pass on the love of Czech and Slovak heritage through dance and song. The dance group is open to anyone of any age who would like to become a member. There is no cost, only a willingness and energy to participate. Three age groups comprise our dance troupe.

Dance Groups

Our youngest dancers, ages 1-7, learn to follow directions and the rhythm of Czech and Slovak music. Basic movements, rhythm and cooperation with others are skills they all acquire. Along with simple folk dances, songs are taught and sung in the Czech language.

Children DanceChildren Dance

Our second group consists of our pre-teens and teen members. They develop their polka and waltz skills while dancing traditional and contemporary folk dances. They exhibit a high energy level.

Youth Dance

A wide variety of ages come together for our third group, ages 16-80. The younger children beg to join in when they see the fun and enjoyment of our practices. We are not professional, but enjoy performing for those who share our love of Czech and Slovak song, dance, and customs.

Adult DanceAdult Dance